(updated 12/12/17)

Troop Meeting - Tue, Dec 12, 7:00p, Scout Room.  Games and FCT at 6:30p.

(No Troop Meeting on Tue, Dec 19, Dec 26 or Jan 2)

Troop Meeting - Tue, Jan 9, 7:00p, Scout Room.  Games and FCT at 6:30p.

Troop Committee Meeting - Thu, Jan 11, 6:00p, SJD Rm 208.

P-55 Arrow of Light - Sat, Jan 13, Scout Room.  New scouts received into T-55.

Troop Meeting - Tue, Jan 16, 7:00p, Scout Room.  Games and FCT at 6:30p.

New Scout Campout - Sat-Sun, Jan 20-21.  This campout will is for all scouts who have joined T-55 in the past few months and their parents. 

Troop Meeting - Tue, Jan 23, 7:00p, Scout Room.  Games and FCT at 6:30p.

Court of Honor - Tue, Jan 30, 6:30p, SJD main sanctuary.


**********  Joining Troop 55  **********

Key dates:
Oct-Dec - schedule visit for Troop Meeting
Nov 7, 7:00p - info session for new families
Jan 14, 3:00p - new scout orientation
Jan 20-21 - special campout for new scouts

For contacts, forms and other info, click on "Joining Info & Forms" in the index on the left.



At the Court of Honor on Tuesday, Oct 17, Troop 55 presented rank advancements and merit badges earned during the previous several months.  In addition, Barclay Briggs, Benjamin Coveler, Tommy Lykos and Bradley Thomson received the Eagle Scout rank. 

The next Court of Honor will be on Tuesday, Jan 30 at 6:30p.


Merit Badge News

Counselors Wanted: If you are interested in being a Counselor for any of the Merit Badges, please contact Merit Badge Coordinator Tevia McLaren via email or stop by the sign-up table on a Tuesday evening.

Did you know the Troop has a recommended sequence for Scouts to take merit badge courses? Take a look the Troop Handbook on the Troop website, to see what history has taught us about age-appropriate merit badges.



We need YOU!   In a Troop our size, the "official" adult leaders can’t possibly do it all.  We have both "outdoor" and "indoor" jobs for adult.  We’re friendly and supportive, we’ll train you, and you’ll have a great time.  Experience shows that, the more involved a Scout's parent is in the Troop’s adult leadership, the more likely the Scout is to remain in Scouting and someday earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

To volunteer or discuss how you can assist the troop, please contact Suanne Bouvier, our Scout Parent Coordinator, or stop by the sign-up table on Tuesday evening.  Also, you can volunteer by completing the form at this link.  This form gives descriptions of various roles.


Advancement reports and contact lists
Updated advancement reports have been posted to this website.  There is a separate report for each scout that shows rank advancement, merit badges earned, and leadership positions held.  This information is based on the Court of Honor on Dec 5.  Click on "Records" under Advancement in the index.
Updated contact lists for scouts and adult leaders have also been posted.  The reports show the BSA registration number for each scout and adult.  Click on "Membership" in the index.


first class trail

FCT Advancement Sessions
All FCT session are held at SJD unless otherwise stated.



Youth Training:
NYLT, Dec 26-31   ►   Link

Adult Training:
Fast Start, online course   ►   Link
This is Scouting, online   ►   Link
Youth Protection, online   ►   Link

Please report training completions to Steve Mach, T-55's training coordinator, at training@troop55.org.

scoop 55

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