(updated 06/08/14)

Off to camp we go !

June 8 Texas Coastal Flyfishing
June 11 Texas Hill Country Backpacking
June 22 El Rancho Cima, TX
June 30 Galveston Sea Base
July 5 Philmont, NM
July 8 San Marcos Canoe Trip, TX
July 13 Summit Bechtel Scout Res, WV
July 20 Camp Jeffrey, CO
July 20 Elkhorn High Adv Base, CO
July 14 European Biking Trek, Spain



At the Court of Honor on Tuesday, May 6, Troop 55 presented rank advancements and merit badges earned in the prior month.  If you earned a merit badge or new rank and did not receive your award at the Court of Honor, please see Mrs. Barnes at one of the upcoming Troop Meetings.

The next Court of Honor will be in September .


Merit Badge News

Counselors Wanted: If you are interested in being a Counselor for any of the Merit Badges, please contact Merit Badge Coordinator Monica Betz via email or stop by the sign-up table on a Tuesday evening.

Did you know the Troop has a recommended sequence for Scouts to take merit badge courses? Take a look the Troop Handbook on the Troop website, to see what history has taught us about age-appropriate merit badges.


New Scoutmaster
At the Court of Honor on May 6, Rev. Doug Richnow announced that Bill Helfand will be retiring as Scoutmaster for Troop 55 at the end of August 2014. We are thankful for the years of dedicated service by Mr. Helfand, and he will continue to be an active leader in the Troop.
Rev. Richnow also announced that Robert Lombardi will succeed Mr. Helfand as Scoutmaster.  Mr. Lombardi has been an Assistant Scoutmaster for many years, and he has been in charge of the First Class Trail advancement program.  We are delighted to have Mr. Lombardi ready to take on this new leadership role.

Medical Forms
BSA has introduced new medical form for use starting March 2014.  If a scout has recently had a medical exam and used the older 2012 version of the medical form, that 2012 form will still be acceptable for summer camps in 2014. For the new medical forms, click this link.

Advancement reports and contact lists
Updated advancement reports have been posted to this website.  There is a separate report for each scout that shows rank advancement, merit badges earned, and leadership positions held.  This information is based on the Court of Honor on May 6.  Click on "Records" under Advancement in the index.
Updated contact lists for scouts and adult leaders have also been posted.  Click on "Membership" in the index.


first class trail

FCT advancement activities will be held when T-55 attends El Rancho Cima in June and Camp Jeffrey in July.  FCT advancement sessions at T-55 will restart with the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.



Youth Training:
NYLT, Jun 6-11 & 16-21   ►   Link

Adult Training:
Fast Start, online course   ►   Link
This is Scouting, online   ►   Link
Youth Protection, online   ►   Link

scoop 55

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