Troop 55 Dues for 2020-21

The time has come for your scout to renew his membership for this school year.  Troop fees will be a bit higher than they were last year, because BSA has raised the national fees.   Also, there is an option to opt out of the “Boys’ Life” magazine, the mailing address will be the one that is listed in Scoutbook.  When renewing a scout please use your son/scout’s full first and last name (not the nick name) when filling out the shipping information, so that the payment can be applied to the correct scout.  

Please use the appropriate link to renew on/or before Oct 31st. 

One scout - 1 son in the troop

Brothers  - 2 sons in the troop (includes 2 fees with a slight discount for the second scout for 1item)

Adult Donation (any amount - please note that BSA charges $46 for every registered leader the troop renews)  Only use this link if you are not paying for a scout.

Please email if your scout is no longer interested in being in the troop or if you want an additional email address added/removed from the newsletter.  If your contact information needs editing, please log into, this can only be done by you.  For information regarding a scholarships please contact Rob Rice  


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